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Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

The Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) was established in 1967 to fulfill New York State's commitment to improving access to higher education. This state-funded program provides access, academic support, and supplemental financial assistance to make a college education possible for students who have the potential to succeed despite a lack of educational preparation and financial resources. The program now exists on 45 campuses across the SUNY System, with more than 45,000 graduates working as physicians, teachers, scientists, engineers, attorneys, artists, entrepreneurs, and public servants. A majority of EOP graduates stay, work, and pay taxes in New York State — a huge return on investment to the state economy.


The primary goals of the EOP are to promote academic achievement and excellence through academic advising, collaborative learning workshops, and mentoring and networking opportunities to prepare students for their academic journey beyond MVCC, equipping them with the necessary skills for college and career success.

Students accepted to MVCC under the auspices of the EOP participate fully in all campus academic and social activities and are held to the same standards as all other students at the College.


EOP was created to identify students who could succeed at the university/college level but may struggle to meet the financial demand. Click here to see the specific criteria students must meet to be eligible for the program.

Note: Applicants deemed ineligible for EOP may still qualify for admission and financial aid through other admission processes. Contact our Admissions Office to learn more.

How to apply for EOP at MVCC

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