Spring 2021 New Student Virtual Convocation

  • When: 11 a.m. - Noon; Monday, Feb. 1
  • Where: Online

As a new student, you will:

  • Start the semester with other new students.

  • Learn what to expect in your classes this fall.

  • Connect with your Academic Dean, Faculty and Student Support Advisor from your program/school.

  • Get questions answered and final steps completed. 

  • Have fun and get ready for a great start in college.

  • Get your up-to-date schedule on the Ellucian Go app. Visit mvcc.edu/apps.

Click on the Zoom link associated with your program:

Art Department
Dean, Todd Behrendt
Illustration https://zoom.us/j/98572246527
Fine Arts https://zoom.us/j/97361261481
Photography https://zoom.us/j/96865338036
Graphic Design https://zoom.us/j/95880154120
Digital Animation https://zoom.us/j/91312826807
Digital Media & Marketing https://zoom.us/j/99687779174


Business /Hospitality
Dean, Christine VanNamee
Accounting https://zoom.us/j/97672635819
Business Administration  https://zoom.us/j/97831050285
Administrative Assistant  https://zoom.us/j/91966674279
Sports Management   https://zoom.us/j/93894200340
Hospitality    https://zoom.us/j/94286387371


Health Sciences
Melissa Copperwheat


Dean, Jim Roberts
ESL https://zoom.us/j/96613901499
General Studies  https://zoom.us/j/91834259710
Interpreter Education https://zoom.us/j/91967723916
Humanities & Social Sciences/International Studies/Theater  https://zoom.us/j/97806771100


Public and Human Services
AVP for Learning & Academic
Affairs, Tim Thomas
Chem. Dep. Practitioner & Human Services   https://zoom.us/j/83766545247
Criminal Justice & Fire Protection Technology                https://zoom.us/j/95325194111
Liberal Arts & Sciences: Psychology    https://zoom.us/j/9335236717
Recreation & Leisure Services   https://zoom.us/j/93628484799
Education Programs  https://zoom.us/j/82288008270
Liberal Arts & Sciences Math and Science/Physical Education https://zoom.us/j/93725939525


STEM Career
Dean, Joe Woodrow, Ph.D
Civil Engineering Technology      https://zoom.us/j/91512732888 
Elec. Eng. Tech./Elec. Serv. Tech./Mechatronics      https://zoom.us/j/94578942812
AC-Refrigeration, Heating & AC, Carpentry/Masonry   https://zoom.us/j/98707526246 
Welding, CNC Machinist Technology    https://zoom.us/j/96126993769
Facilities Management, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems   https://zoom.us/j/99228649865
Computer-Aided Drafting/Geospatial Technology     https://zoom.us/j/95004733781 

Mechanical Engineering Technology



STEM Transfer
Dean, Jake Mihevc
Biology     https://zoom.us/j/96808854810
Chemistry   https://zoom.us/j/93922303242
Geo/Environmental     https://zoom.us/j/95825272520
Engineering Science/Physics https://zoom.us/j/93483663814
Computer Sciences   https://zoom.us/j/97224811143


Please have your M Number and SIRS PIN with you during the event and download the Hawk Life app to your phone. Visit mvcc.edu/apps.

Feel free to contact  Student Engagement and Leadership with any questions.

Contact Us

Student Engagement and Leadership Office
Phone: 315-792-5386