Business Administration
Adult Degree Program

You want a new career. Here's a program that fits your busy schedule!

Start on your path to learning the skills that employers value today. Our two-year Adult Degree Program (ADP) in Business Administration is designed for a different kind of student. We know you’re working a job, have a family, and need to plan your career change around the life you live. MVCC makes it easy for you to take control of your life and make a career change in just over two years — only one night per week!

Connect with Adult Learner Services as you discover how this new format can fit into your life. Hassle-free registration, scheduled breaks, and support services are all a part of the cohort. Financial aid is available to qualified individuals. Learn something in class, and apply it the next day at work!


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Change Your Career Today

Furthering your education with MVCC’s ADP in Business Administration will give you the tools to begin to pursue a rewarding career in one of the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Services Management
  • Marketing
  • Media Marketing and Management

Flex Your Way to Success

Our program is a way to earn a degree that fits your busy lifestyle, preparing working adults for a career change in business administration. By attending this program on campus one night a week, you will have the best of both worlds — social interaction in a classroom setting of your peers and you will have the flexibility to continue working while you earn a degree toward your new career path.


The MVCC ADP in Business Administration is a very affordable path to making your career change. We guarantee that you will graduate with a degree that will get you the career of your dreams and with less debt as most of our students qualify for grants and financial aid.